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LAST UPDATE: 13.05.18 A.B.

-Aberrante (Panama)- Convulsiones Necrologicas- Demo (Restock of the third Demo. Their strongest release! Old school Death/Grind)- 3 Euro
-Abigail (Japan)- The Best Of Black Metal Yakuza- tape (Compilation of various material. made in Bolivia/Panama)- 3 Euro
-Art Malefica (Brasil)- Carne e Sangue- Demo tape (Brandnew demo, return of the band! Raw B.M. with female vocals. Features an old Demo on side B)- 3 Euro
-Atavisma (France)- Where Wolves Once Dwelled- Demo tape (Debut of old school D.M. from France)- 3 Euro
-Ambersmoke (Usa)- Lay my bones beneath the Valley Oak- Demo (New Demo of this melancholic Shoegaze act.)- 3 Euro
-Atrofia (Panama)- La Maquina Del Odio- Demo tape (Debut of old school Thrash Metal sung in spanish)- 3 Euro
-Coldblood (Brazil)- 20 Years of Death Metal in cold blood- tape compilation (various tracks of this cultish D.M. act from Brazil)- 3 Euro
-Deathfucker (Italy)- Fuck the Trinity- Demo tape (First Demo of crushing old school Deathrash! Really good stuff)- 3 Euro
-Demonos (India)- From Sacred to Profane- Demo tape (Mythical & atmospheric B.M.)- 3 Euro
-NEW! Doomentor (Germany)- Opus Diabolae- Album tape (Doom/Death Metal from Baden Würtemberg)- 4 Euro
-Enlighten (Portugal)- Phösphorvs Paramovnt- Demo tape (B.M. tape from Signal Rex. Reminds Onirik)- 3 Euro
-Entrech (Sweden)- Inevitable Decay- tape album (Speed Metal. With button & sticker as bonus)- 3 Euro
-Excoriate (Chile)- ...Of Ghastly Stench- Demo (Intense old school D.M.)- 3 Euro
-Goat Synagogue (Greece)- Enter the Feast- Demo tape (Third demo of authentic greek B.M. cult)- 3 Euro
-Gravewards (Greece)- Subconscious Lobotomy- Demo tape (Debut Demo tape of old school Death Metal)- 3 Euro 
-Grinding Satanic Putrefaction (Argentina)- same titled- Demo (From 92, repulsive old school Grindcore. Gevurahel members)- 3 Euro
-NEW! Hastur (Italia)- Live In Fear- Demo Re-issue (Sodomistic Rituals Productions release. Recording from '94. Classic Italian B.M. ala early Necromass, Funeral Oration etc. With special packaging & sticker)- 4 Euro
-NEW! Hexen Holocaust (France)- Goat Cum Over Lvtetia- Live tape (New Black Metal Force)- 4 Euro
-Jack/ Meth Leppard (Hungary/ Australia)- Split- tape (Extremely heavy Grindcore. EP lenght)- 3 Euro
-Naga (Italy)- Inanimate- tape album (Black Metal/Sludge mix)- 3 Euro
-Napalm Death Is Dead/ Shitnoise Bastards (Japan/Malaysia)- Split tape (Very lowfi and hypnotic Noisecore meets on Harshnoise with a bit of Noisecore thrown in)- 3 Euro
-Necromantic Forces (Chile)- Infernal Invocation- Demo (Rancid Southamerican Black/Thrash)- 3 Euro
-Obeisance/ Ordo Caper (Usa/Costa Rica)- Annihilation Fist- Split Demo tape (Old school B.M. meets on old school D.M.)- 3 Euro 
-Oratio At Noctu (Brazil)- O Silencio Do Comeco da Noite- Demo (Raw Black Metal sung in portugese)- 3 Euro
-Orobas (Bangladesh)- Arise in Impurity- Demo (Brutal B.M. with some native instrumentation)- 3 Euro
-Penthos (United Kingdom)- Lifeless Haze- Demo tape (Old school D.M. but with a slight experimental approach)
-NEW! Perverted Ceremony (Belgium)‎- Sabbat Of Behezaël- Tape album (Promising Debut album)- 4 Euro
-NEW! Perverted Ceremony (Belgium)- Demo 1- Demo tape (Debut of Behertian B.M.)- 4 Euro
-Plague (Bulgaria)- A blaze of unholy fire- Demo tape (Debut demo of Black/Thrash ala Nifelheim)- 3 Euro
-NEW! Radon Trench (Italia)- Executioners Of Morality- Demo tape (Debut Demo of Harsh & Noisy B.M. in the vein of Tetragrammacide)- 3 Euro
-NEW! Rites Of Thy Degringolade ‎(Canada)- The Universe In Three Parts- Demo tape (One long great doomy Track)- 4 Euro
-Sado Zora (Macedonia)- Same title- Demo (Debut of gloomy, trippy Doom Metal)- 3 Euro
-NEW! Sangue (Italia)- Same title- Tape EP (Old school Death Metal. With Pungent Stench member)- 4 Euro
-Sinfonia Soberba (Brazil)- Despertando para uma nova vida!- Demo (Debut Death Metal tape with veterans from brazilian scene. Amazonas region!)- 3 Euro
-Skid Raid (Mexico)- Demo 2017- Demo tape (dark metallic Crust with Hacavitz members)- 4 Euro
-Spikes/Merciless Onslaught (Chile/Italy)- Merciless Spikes- Split cassette (Heavy Metal meets on Black/Thrash Metal)- 3 Euro
-Srbosjek (Paraguay)- Pleasure of Torture- Demo tape (First outburst of chaotic Black/Death Metal. master of Cruelty staff)- 3 Euro 
-NEW! Transgressor (Japan)- Twisting Brochus- Demo tape (Re-issue of the cult second demo)- 4 Euro
-Traumatico Desmame (Portugal)- Sabonete Nº23 Para Atrair Saúde / Sabonete Nº69 Para Atrair Cona / Sem Título- Demo tape (Amazing mix of Noise, Sludge & Black Metal. Imagine Undor, Goli Deca, Abruptum...This is a semi private release so send your trade offerings. It has a cover & nice looking tape) 
-Trepanation (New Zealand)- Grand Maw- Demo tape (Slower & harsher compared to older outputs. Black/Death)- 4 Euro    
-Vesano (Brazil)- En Mim, Um Morto- Demo tape (new output of this Raw and Depressive B.M.)- 3 Euro

-Breaking the Will (Usa)- Choosing Death- CD (Creepy & very atmospheric Harshnoise act)- 6 Euro
-Deathfucker (Italy)- Fuck the Trinity- CD (Demo plus Bonus. Brought back fresh from Stige Festival)- 5 Euro
-Infernal Curse (Argentina)- Apocalipsis- CD (Fantastic second album with slighty different approach in the guitar)- 6 Euro
-Sekte (Netherlands)- Doodsrituelen- CD (Raw & somber chaotic B.M.)- 5 Euro
-NEW! Subduer (Germany)- Death Monolith- MCD (Great mix of Black Metal & Power Electronics)- 5 Euro

- Death's Cold Wind (Ecuador)- Miasma- 7ep (Deluxe three panel packaging & transparent/pink vinyl. Killer Death Metal)- 5 Euro
- Kandar/ No God Rhethoric (Czech Republic)- Split 7ep (Fastcore meets on Grindcore)- 5 Euro
- Oscuridad (Colombia)- Sangre Maldita- 7ep (Atmospheric B.M. ala Liturgia, Maleficarum...Gatefold vinyl)- 5 Euro

-RESTOCK! Baphometal (Argentina) # 3- Fanzine (Cult fanzine with real old school approach. Feat. Libation, Graf Spee, Rator etc.)- 4 Euro 
-RESTOCK! Troubled Sleep (Portugal) # 3- Fanzine (Professional printed. Featuring Mike Diana, Necrobutcher, The Haters, Developer, Underground Pollution, Kakerlak...etc.)- 4 Euro  
For free:
-Arcula Mystica (Spain)- # 1 (Feat. an Interview with Altar of Perversion & articles)- For free within orders
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